Greetings Sorors: 

Thank you for attending the 2019 Collegiate Retreat or Advisors Training!

Please make sure you complete this form prior to mailing in your payment or using PayPal. 

Please complete the form in its entirety, and you will be sent to the PayPal link for payment.  If you wish to mail in your payment, close your browser when the PayPal site appears (upon the completion of this form).  Payment should be sent within 1 day of completing this form.  

You will only be able to enter your email address one time.  Please do not complete the form until you are ready to make payment.  
Registration Fees

PayPal Fees
Collegiate Retreat  $73
Advisors Training  $43

Donation $22+

Mail- In Fees
Collegiate Retreat  $70
Advisors Training  $40 

Donation $22+

Mail To:  DST PMAC, PO Box 25776, Phoenix, AZ  85002


Please contact our Regional Assistants at if you have any trouble using this form or making your payment.
If you are attending Advisors Training, please make sure you complete the advisors form found in the email and send it to Soror Gwen Mosley (
We encourage you to consider donating to Campaign 22 for $22+ to support a collegiate soror to attend.  (Please note "Campaign 22" in the Comments Section of PayPal.)

We look forward to seeing you in Tempe, AZ!

Tracy Ricard Aikens, Regional Director
Christine O. Emuka, Regional Representative

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